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Responsibility Matters

Artist Song
Fizzgig  Best Friend  
The Verve  Lucky Man  
Spoon  Paper Tiger  
A.C. Newman  Come Crash  
Vertical Horizon  Everything You Want  
Cursive  The Radiator Hums  
The Holy Fire  Hate Your Smile  
A.F.I.  Silver and Cold 
Unwritten Law  Seein' Red  
The Weakerthans  Pamphleteer  
Modest Mouse  Heart Cooks Brain  
The White Stripes  I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself 
Remy Zero  Fair  
Alien Ant Farm  Movies  
Hum  Suicide Machine  
The Hold Steady  Killer Parties  


Based entirely on a picture someone sent me of a beer coaster. The text already on the coaster said 'Responsibility Matters' - but written in pen was "I saw her first but was too polite to say anything" with an arrow drawn. It perfectly sums up about two years of my life.
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