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Brown Praise From a Virginal Girl Part One

Side A
Artist Song
Boston  Party  
Nomeansno  The Day Everything Became Nothing  
bareminimum  Night We Streak/Divine Failure 
Stateside (aka The Joggers)  Loose Lips Sink Ships 
Gern Blanston  A 40 & The Fuzz 
Sonics  Psycho 
T-Model Ford  I'm Insane  
Mechta  Die Or Die 
Mice Parade  Galileo  
No Knife  Mission Control  
Turin Brakes  Future Boy  
Disco Rick & The Dogs  Fuck The President 
Side B
Thee Ascetics  Second Thought Beenshoots 
Spacemen 3  Amen  
Engine Kid  Bear Catching Fish  
Seaweed  Kid Candy  
The Joggers  The Devil Wears Earplugs  
Juno  Rodeo Programmers 
Gogogo Airheart  Witch Hunt  
Cypress Hill & Def Squad  Throw Your Hands In The Air 
Supersuckers  I Say Fuck (live) 
Girl Trouble  My Hometown 
Einsturzende Neubauten  Zentrifuge 
Nate Denvers Neck  Masters Of The Universe 


the first of a 2 tape mix made by me for the 21st birthday of Josh Lovejoy... a minor history of recent northwest music interspersed with beauty and terror and hilarity. also to prove to him that i don't only listen to pretentious "experimental" music.