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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Mixed Genre

You Do It To Yourself

Side A
Artist Song
Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue  Where the Wild Roses Grow 
Madonna  Drowned World/Substitute for Love 
Oasis  Cast No shadow 
Bangles  Make a Play For Her Now 
Ben Folds Five  Mess 
U2  Angel of Harlem 
Falling Joys  Lullaby 
Ben Lee  Burn To Shine 
In Vivo  Om Mani Padme Hum 
Massive Attack  Unfinished Sympathy 
Coldplay  Sparks 
Side B
Radiohead  Just 
Macy Gray  I Try 
The Whitlams  Where's the Enemy? 
Jeff Buckley  Grace 
No Doubt  The Climb 
The B-52's  Private Idaho 
Portishead  Sour Times (Live) 
Andy Prieboy & Johnette Napolitano  Tomorrow Wendy 
The Beatles  I Want You (She's So Heavy) 


Don't you hate rejection? And don't you hate it when all your best friends are out of town and there's no-one to talk to? What better way to get it all out than to make a tape of music that expressed exactly how I was feeling. That was basically my only criterion for choosing songs.

Side A is mainly songs I find dark, passionate and beautiful (with a much-needed needed hint of joy at "Angel of Harlem"). By "Unfinished Sympathy" I was starting to feel less depressed - and then I just started feeling angry at myself. So Side B is a bit more torturous (although its starts off fairly fun).

I played this in the car with some friends recently. By "Tomorrow Wendy" they were saying they wanted to kill themselves. I felt proud.

(Sorry for all the detail - I just have really distinctive memories of choosing each and every song on the tape. It was intense 90 minutes.)


Date: 4/1/2001
wow - this mix really speaks to me right now. (I am currently making one too). Love the Ben Lee, COldplay, MAssive attack - but especially love the title...
Date: 4/27/2001
wow..what a spiffy's been that kind of year.
James Russell
Date: 5/22/2001
Um, "Burn To Shine" is by Ben Harper, not Ben Lee, isn't it? The Whitlams tune is a good one, and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is a really inspired choice.