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CD | Theme - Narrative

If Our Hearts Were Worn Upon Our Sleeves

Artist Song
The Go-Betweens  You Can't Say No Forever  
The Pastels  Baby, You're Just You 
Quasi  Please Do  
The Flamin' Groovies  I'm Only What You Want Me To Be 
The Frames  Suffer in Silence  
Guided By Voices  Yours to Keep  
The Headphones  I Never Wanted You 
Maximo Park  Acrobat 
The Beautiful South  I Love You (But You're Boring)  
Wilco  We're Just Friends  
The Field Mice  Let's Kiss and Make Up  
Yo La Tengo  Our Way to Fall  
Neko Case  Look for Me (I'll Be Around)  
Low  Kind of Girl  
Palace Music  New Partner  
Ida   Don't Get Sad  
The Lucksmiths  I Don't Want to Walk Around Alone No More  
Death Cab for Cutie  I Will Follow You Into the Dark  
Pavement  Strings of Nashville  
Spacemen 3  Let Me Down Gently  


I thought up the theme for this mix as i was bored and contemplating people's away messages. I realized that people tend to braodcast their emotions more with song lyrics and such as away messages than they do with actual words, possibly because they're afraid to voice how they actually feel. I put together these songs because i found that all the songs, especially the choruses, very clearly and strongly voice a lot of love-related concerns. I came up with the title as a way of attempting to explain why this stuff happens. Anyways i find myself guilty of it at times as well. Not e the transitions between songs because i tried to spend a lot of time to have them run together very smoothly. i hope you like.


bungeeless jumper
Date: 11/5/2005
i have a friend who regularly rings me up at 3 am asking for a suitable lyrics quote for the next message to her boyfriend...i know what you're talking about!:)and i've used some of these as well:)