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Heartbeat - Disc One

Artist Song
Brian Eno  Unfamiliar Wind (1982) 
Dave Brubeck  Fujiyama (1964) 
Can  Spray (1973) 
Bob Marley  Them Belly Full (1974) 
Yoko Ono  Greenfield Morning (1970) 
Semar Pegulingan Club  Gambang (1972) 
Tom Waits  Swordfishtrombones (1983) 
Colin Newman  I Can Hear You (1986) 
Syd Barrett  Late Night (1970) 
John Cage  Music for Violin & Harp, No. 4 (1957) 
Bob Dylan  Moonshiner (1964) 
Pere Ubu  Dub Housing (1978) 
Herbie Hancock  Watermelon Man (1973) 
Terry Riley  Poppy Nogood (1968) 
Faust  Party 1 (1971) 
Fela Kuti  Shakara (1970) 
Pop Group  Thief of Fire (1979) 
Roxy Music  2HB (1972) 
Bjork & Brodsky Quartet  Anchor Song (1999) 
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Date: 11/6/2005
Great stuff on both mixes. How about some description? That's kind of the thing that makes it interesting (I think). The download option is great, I might try it for my next mix... Anchor song, that's just perfect.
Date: 11/6/2005
Description? Well. . . I was determined to try to make a mix only of the songs that have especially stuck with me over the years--to avoid the avoidance of "old faves" that is easy to fall into with mixes. So almost every one of these tracks I've mixed before. The aim was to suss out a certain strand of sound, staging, production, atmosphere, texture that seems to run through many genres I enjoy--something more elemental than genre. It's not *the* sound that guarantees I'll love something--but it seems to be a very frequently present thread (as difficult as it may be to pin down in descrpitive terms). So I spent more effort on context and sequencing, or at least less on song selection, than I usually do. Frequently I'm making a mix for a friend who already has pretty extensive knowledge, so I tend to go toward the more obscure (old mixes posted here don't really reflect this). Here, I was making a mix only for myself, free to use songs I've been mixing for eight or nine years in some cases. I feel that I succeeded in capturing the sound--percussive, frequently marked by bright tones like bells or vibes, deep bass, closely microphoned and dry (non-live sounding). Whether it conveys the breadth of this feeling--I doubt it. Desire to maintain a consistent level of audio fidelity meant that a lot of African music and pre-War music that has the same emotional didn't work.
Date: 11/6/2005
The inspirations were things like 'In a Silent Way,' gamelan recordings, Steve Reich, Tony Conrad, Can, Modern Jazz Quartet, Bill Evans Trio. But I wanted to include brighter things that fit, like the Fela and the Stevie, the warmer side of the same world.