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Heartbeat - Disc Two

Artist Song
This Heat  Horizontal Hold (1979) 
Howlin' Wolf  Who's Been Talkin (1956) 
Elvis Costello  I Want You (1986) 
Modern Jazz Quartet  Fine (1957) 
Morton Subotnick  The Wild Bull (1967) 
Blue Nile  From Rags to Riches (1984) 
Idjah Hadidjah  Bayu Bayu (1982) 
Stevie Wonder  You Haven't Done Nothin' (1974) 
Robert Wyatt  Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (1974) 
Steve Reich  Piano Phase (1967) 
Joni Mitchell  Blue (1970) 
Wire  Mercy (1978) 
Arthur Russell  All-Boy All-Girl (1986) 
David Thomas  About True Friends (1985) 
Charles Mingus  Solo Dancer (1963) 
Laurie Anderson  Born, Never Asked (1982) 
Huun Huur Tu  Exile's Song (1994) 
Velvet Underground  I Love You (1970) 
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Date: 11/6/2005
These both look wonderful. Can't wait to give it a listen.