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Sweet And Sour Pop

Artist Song
Eurythmics  I've Got A Life  
Pet Shop Boys  Always On My Mind  
Fleetwood Mac  Go Your Own Way  
Carly Simon  You're So Vain  
The Beatles   I've Got A Feeling  
Blur  Charmless Man  
Billy Joel  My Life  
New Order  Krafty  
Marianne Faithfull  Working Class Hero  
David Bowie  Cat People (Putting Out Fire)  
Joni Mitchell  Sweet Bird  
Roxy Music  Avalon  
ABBA  Fernando  
Daryl Hall & John Oates  Kiss On My List  
Lightning Seeds  Pure  
Arthur Russell  That's Us / Wild Combination  
Lee Lessack & David Burhman  Let It Be Me 
Paul McCartney  How Kind Of You  


The other day, I made a special trip to Tower Records by Lincoln Center to seek out the new Eurythmics CD-single called "I've Got A Life." I had to go to Tower to get it because it was an import from the UK. The song is one of the most powerful "be stong -- get through it" songs I have ever heard. It's also classic Eurythmics. I liked it so much that I decided to put together a mix of some of the songs that have that extra bit of 'bite' to them. Of course, to balance things out, I wound up mixing in some more sweet songs as well. In any case, I consider all of these to be my favorite pop songs in the same league as "I've Got A Life."