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Soldier On

Side A
Artist Song
Nick Drake  Time Has Told Me 
Otis Redding  I've Been Loving You 
Leonard Cohen  Suzanne 
Joy Division  Procession 
Os Mutantes  Baby (1971) 
Gloria Gaynor  Honey Bee 
The Police  Hungry for You 
Robert Johnson  Kind Hearted Woman Blues 
Donovan  Superlungs My Supergirl 
The Wailers  Burnin' and Lootin' 
The Stone Roses  Resurrection 
The Chemical Brothers  Where Do I Begin 
Side B
Free Style  The Party Has Begun 
LA Dream Team  Calling on the Dream Team 
The KLF  Stand by the Jams 
Gerty Farish  Kiki Riki 
Arab Strap  The First Big Weekend 
Beck  Beercan 
Joy Division  Transmission 
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band  Pachuco Cadaver 
Otis Redding  Shake 
DJ Shadow  Number Song 
Doktor Kosmos  Don't Look at Photographs 
Jonathan Richman  Roadrunner 
The Kinks  Berkeley Mews 
New Order  Ultraviolence 
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band  Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do 


Melancholy-sad-depressed Side A struggles to resolve into upbeat, basically achieved by often mindless Side B. Goofy attempts at cheer through whimsy sometimes feel hollow.


Xiao-Wei Wang
Date: 12/27/2001
very strange. you're the only other person on here who's heard of gerty farish.
josh brown
Date: 1/28/2002