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CD | Mixed Genre

Boy on the Moon

Artist Song
Queen  Somebody to Love  
Stars  Elevator Love Letter  
Magnetic Fields   You and Me and the Moon 
Howie Day  Collide  
Van Morrison  Moondance  
E-Rotic  Willy Use a Billy Boy 
Katie Melua  Blame It on the Moon  
Brown Derbies   Romeo and Juliet 
Bap Kennedy  Moonlight Kiss  
Guns 'n' Roses  November Rain 
Frente  Bizarre Love Triangle 
Joseph Arthur  Honey and the Moon  
Cary Brothers  Blue Eyes  
Frank and Nancy Sinatra  Somethin' Stupid 
Marc Broussard  Where You Are  
Team America: World Police  Pearl Harbor Sucked (and I Miss You) 
Weezer  December  
Led Zeppelin  D'yer Maker 
Brad   The Day Brings 


Ah, the insurmountable joy of love lost. This mix, should I choose to give it to whom it is intended, is for an individual who is unattainable for many reasons. Drama abounds in this rip-roaring mix of sappiness and anguish -- a must-have for any "Music to Which to Off Oneself" playlist. Nonetheless, "The Day Brings" restores a promise of life after a torrid affair and, therefore, peace to the galaxy.


Date: 11/16/2005
Ahh the power of expressing ones emotions through music!