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Love Songs for Chad

Side A
Artist Song
Foo Fighters  Big Me  
R.E.M  The One I Love (he loves R.E.M.) 
Beatles  Can't Buy Me Love (we're both a couple of boke asses) 
Stone Temple Pilots  Still Remains  
The Greatful dead  Sugar Magnolia (we listen to alot of dead this summer together) 
Eddie Vedder  You Got to Hide Your Love Away 
Phish  Waste  
311  Love Song  
Coldplay  Beautiful World 
Bob Dylan  Simple Twist of Fate (this song reminds me of our first kiss for some reason) 
Beatles  Something in the Way She Moves 
Bob Dylan  Lay Lady Lay  
Neil Young  Harvest Moon (best love song ever written!) 
Side B
Jimmi Hendrix  Bold as Love 
Incubus  Echo  
Gryphon Shepard  The Tryst (absolutly lovely song but hard to find, it's my friend's band) 
Postal Service  Recycled Air 
Donovan  Colours  
The Shins  Pink Bullet 
Broken Social Scene  I'm still your fag (right...we're not gay, but it fits the mood perfect) 
Sufjan Stevens  To be Alone With You (goodness! this song is pretty enough to make me cry) 
Iron and Wine  Such Great Heights (for the longest time, Chad thought the band was blood and wine and was really frustraited that he couldn't find it, hehe) 
Ani DiFranco  In Here (her best song in my opinion, truely amazing) 


I gots me a good man...he's worth it. If this love mix were for someone else, it'd be differnt. These are songs specifically for my boy. Side one showcases the fun flirty side and side two is more like lying in bed all damn day giggling and suggling.
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Date: 11/20/2005
Great picks all around!!