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CD | Theme - Sleep
Cassette | Theme - Romantic

Crusin' for a Snoozin'

Artist Song
Elliott Smith  Tomarrow Tomarrow 
Dandy Warhols  Sleep 
Boards of Canada  Over the Horizon Radar  
Sufjan Stevens  To Be Alone With You  
Broken Social Scene  I'm Still your Fag  
The Beatles  While my Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic) 
The Weakerthans  History to the Defeated  
Iron and Wine  Such Great Heights 
Ani DiFranco  Pulse  
Sigur Ros  Nyja Lagid 
Mogwai  Nick Drake 
Beck  Nobodys Fault But My Own 
Beck  Round The Bend  
Portishead  Only You  
Tom Waits  Alice  
Sheryl Crow  Do What We Can 
Zero 7  In the Waiting Line  
Radiohead  Everything in it's Right Place  
Beach Boys  Don't Talk (put you head on my shoulder) 
Seu Jorge  Life on Mars 


I don't sleep well but this mix truely solved my ailment. Dedicated to Chaimbers; something to listen to when we're not at fourth coast cafe at 4am.

1: Mind blowing 4 part harmony.
2: Ends on a 2 minute long 4 part harmony....absolutly majical.
3: One minute of quite noise to smoothe things over.
4: Again; quite and pretty enough to make me want to cry.
7: Sad and sweet at the same time...a good song to look into.
9: 14 minutes of slow guitar strokes and quiet wispers....I rarely make it past this track.
10: Slow, warm, and psychedelic.
13: I needed this song to lead into 14....the next few tracks are bluesy.
16: God! Why did Sheryl Crow ever leave the Tuesday Night Music Club?! So good! This song speeds up for a minute but then decrescendos...compleatly jazzy, poetic, and tells a story.
17: Fuck Garden State....they take credit for everything!
19 & 20 I just added about a month after the fact but these two songs (especialy dont talk) are essential.

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Round Pin
Date: 11/29/2005
Nice sorry I missed this.