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Cassette | Theme - Break Up
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
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(We Are Ugly But) We Have The Music

Side A
Artist Song
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Into My Arms  
Suede  Drowners 
Bjork  Bachellorette 
Ani Difranco  A Light Of Some Kind 
Billie Holiday  Don't Explain  
The Smiths  What Difference Does It Make 
Nick Drake  Things Behind The Sun  
Patti Smith  Because The Night  
Antony & The Johnsons  Cripple & The Starfish 
Tori Amos  Precious Things  
Galaxie 500  Tell Me  
Belle & Sebastian  Seeing Other People 
The Wrens  The Boys You Won't Remember 
Sonic Youth  Mote  
Guns 'N' Roses  Don't Cry 
Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart  
Huggy Bear  Warming Rails 
Side B
Sleater-Kinney  Good Things  
The Cure  Lovesong  
Nina Simone  Wild Is The Wind  
Radiohead  Karma Police  
Arcade Fire  Rebellion (Lies)  
Portishead  Only You  
Blonde Redhead  Misery Is A Butterfly  
Nirvana  Come As You Are  
Xiu Xiu  Suha  
Cat Power  Colors And The Kids  
Leonard Cohen  Chelsea Hotel #2  
R.E.M.  Fall On Me  
Interpol  PDA  
Iron & Wine  Trapeze Swinger  
Hole  Petals  


Bits and pieces of me and you and them and songs take you back to places you didn't remember til now. I remember you singing, tone deaf, in my ear as you were sobbing, the call of home too much to take. And you offering your record collection as recompense for falling in love with my best friend. And your car catching on fire after a night of amazingly guilty sex. And you telling me that you like me because I'm not a boy or a girl or even in-between. You telling me that you couldn't keep seeing me because it would hurt him. And you again, hand in hand with her, even though I loved you first. And you getting me the job at the record store where I stole enough cds to sell to move to Atlanta. And you spending the last of your money on a Patti Smith box-set for me because you knew it would make me happy. And you kissing me in the front seat of your car in the empty parking lot before I went back home to my lover. And you writing a book of love poems for me but being too shy to let me read them. And there was you making love to me in the closet of your girlfriend's apartment knowing that she could hear and that she was more turned on than either of us were. And you, writing chapters of an absurdly post-modern novel with me...did you ever finish? And you, I didn't tell you what she said about you because I thought that would hurt your feelings, but the hurt was in the not telling. And knew I was going to make love to your boyfriend, but you graciously stepped out of the room. I propped the phone up on the corner of my bed and played 80's hair metal songs on my acoustic guitar because I missed the way you pretended to hate them when you were still around. You remember? pulled me close to your chest on the dirty mattress in your one room apartment and we slept for a whole day. And you even remember me?...we met online and talked about music for hours. And you playing Nintendo Micro-machine racers til dawn listening to my mixtapes and wishing you weren't married to him and I wasn't sleeping with her. And us, laying in my parent's bed when The Cure came on the radio and we both started crying. Me doing my Billie Holiday impression while you laughed in my bedroom and she slept...we both fell silent when Nina Simone came up next. You telling me you would never kiss someone so soon after you met them, then later in the night begging me to hold you down and make you hurt. And I left you waiting in silence for me for months before I told you that I couldn't come with you, even though that was the hardest thing I ever did. And do you remember driving home from your parent's trailer in North Carolina, the girls asleep in the backseat and your hand on my thigh? You taught me how to drive stick shift and we drove the backroads near my parent's house alone for hours that night. Do you remember high school fumblings?...touching each other every place but there because touching there would be one step too far? Do you remember bruising my thighs with your kisses? I spent the last evening with you sleeping on your parent's couch. Leonard Cohen was the soundtrack to our exodus, a sign of what was to come. You told that it wasn't me, it was you, even though we both knew better. You told me not to weren't going to come. The audience was loud and you couldn't hear the singer, so I sang the song to you as you held my hand. We promised each other we would love each other forever. There are thirty-two songs to remind me of the people and places that I've loved and left as I travel accross the country to love and leave again.
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Date: 11/23/2005
my personal motw. love the mix and your comments.
Date: 11/23/2005
The comments kinda take your breath away, impressive on their own. Makes me feel bad for not knowing a lot of the tracks on here.

Think I'll take some time to try them out.
pale green stars
Date: 11/23/2005
The story itself is a career in music intrinsicly
Date: 11/23/2005
I'm in love with Side One. And side Two is nothing to sneer at; nicely done.
Date: 11/23/2005
I didn't wanna mention in the comments, but this fits 2 make it fit on a c120, remove the le tigre, gnr, l.cohen and iron&wine tracks...I couldn't cut them because they're part of my life and stuff...
Dead Heaven
Date: 11/23/2005
Date: 11/23/2005
I agree with Dead Heaven...
Date: 11/24/2005
excellent (guns n roses and radiohead exceptions to prove the rule, to my mind).
Date: 11/24/2005
very good.
Date: 11/25/2005
i feel this. thanks.
Music is My Radar
Date: 11/26/2005
This is without a doubt the BEST MIX I have ever seen on this site. The writeup is quite an evocative conjuring images of philanderous affairs and the lusty rushes they bring. The 1st 3 songs are great with Nick's baritone "Into my Arms" swinging the gates open for what will unfold.
Then a bit later Belle and Sebastian's "Seeing other people" followed by the Wren's majestic " Boys you won't Remember". Then Side 2 gets even better ! From The Cure's "Lovesong" all the way through to Interpol's "PDA" are so choice. You can't remove Leonard's " Chelsea Hotel" though in my humble opinion for its sheer line " ... giving me head on the unmade bed ". It holds so much of what your tale alludes to. I was thinking about posting a mix on this site since it had been a while since I have but now I'm a touch intimidated.
Great work :-)
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 2/13/2006
wow,this fookin' incredible
Date: 8/3/2013
This rules so hard.