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Long May You Rock & Roll or 7 Minutes in Heaven: Songs Longer Than 7 Minutes

Side A
Artist Song
Neil Young  Cowgirl in the Sand (10:01) 
Television  Marque Moon (10:44) 
Sonic Youth  Teenaged Riot (6:55) 
The Velvet Underground  Sister Ray (17:26) 
Bush   Alien (6:34)  
Neil Young  Cortez the Killer (7:30) 
The Greatful Dead  Smokestack Lightning (18:02) 
Led Zeppelin  When The Levee Breaks (7:07) 
Creedence Clearwater Rivial  I Heard it Through the Grapevine (11:06) 
Bob Dylan (of couse)  Hurricane (8:31) 
The Greatful Dead   Terrapin Station (16:25) 
The Gryphon Shepard  Wasteful Wish (9:16) 
Bob Marley  Exodus (7:35) 
Phish  Union Federal (25:29) 
Pink Floyd  Echoes (23:28) 
Side B
Yes  Heart of the Sunrise (10:36) 
Mogwai  2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (9:31) 
Pink Floyd  Shine on you Crazy Diamond (13:40) 
Incubus  Aqueous Transmission (7:46) 
DNTEL  Why I'm So Unhappy (7:04) 
Sigur Ros  The Pop Song (11:45) 
Massive Attack  Protection (7:50) 
Ani DiFranco  Pulse (14:15) 
My Morning Jacket  Dondante (7:23) 


Side one is Long May You Rock. I tried to go for flow but also I wanted to break up the really long songs (over ten minutes) with shorter 7 minute ones. Of couse I couldn't help myself on the Neil Young. Bush-Alien is not quite 7 minutes but I love that song and it fit right in with the mix so I had to make an exception. I had a really hard time placing Phish-Union Federal and Pink Floyd-Echos so I just kinda threw them in at the end. If anyone has a better idea of where they should go or if I should just take them out all together feel free to coment, I am totaly open to suggestions. Side two is Long May You Roll and its a little more ambient and softer. It may sound strange, but I fell in love for the first time listening to Yes-Heart of the Sunrise, then about a year later I lost my virginity to that same first love while listening to Pink Floyd-Shine on you crazy diamond. I still remember that boy everytime I listen to either song so side two is a little haunted for me. As you can tell, long may you roll is a tad skimpy compared to side one so if anyone has anymore suggestions that would fit well, please tell me what you think!!
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joey de vivre
Date: 12/5/2005
Long may it wave! But where can I get one of those cassettes that's 3 hours per side?
Round Pin
Date: 12/5/2005
Well done. Great Neil Choices. Saw him live in concert on his Green Dale tour.
Date: 12/6/2005
Right...I realize that the mix is about 4:30 long but just wanted two seperate parts.