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I really liked you once... you bitch!

Artist Song
The Turtles  Happy Together 
U2  All I Want Is You 
Semisonic  Singing In My Sleep 
Sonic Youth  Sunday 
U2  Endless Deep 
Magnetic Fields  I Don't Believe In The Sun 
The Cure  Boys Don't Cry 
REM  The One I Love 
Monaco  What Do You Want From Me? 
Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart 
Built To Spill  Carry The Zero 
Ben Folds Five  Song For The Dumped 


Me and my hallmate decided to make a film soundtrack, her disc is from the girl's perspective, mines is from the guy's. At first he's head over heels for this girl, then she dumps him and he ends up loathing her. Its a nice story told thru music.


Nicholas Walsh
Date: 2/27/2001
Ha ha ha! This is brilliant! I love it. (I'm SO glad you ended with "Song For the Dumped" - perfect!) I'm impressed.