if i wasn't so happy, i wouldn't be scared of dying

Artist Song
pj harvey  o stella  
cat power  he war  
the cure  jumping on someone else's train 
radiohead  i might be wrong  
black mountain  no hits  
broken social scene  almost crimes (radio kills remix) 
elvis costello  pump it up  
loretta lynn  have mercy on me  
the meat puppets  swimming ground 
billy bragg and wilco  walt whitman's niece 
the boy least likely to  be gentle with me  
belle & sebastian  if she wants me 
the pixies  manta ray 
the thermals  how we know  
the hold steady  cattle and the creeping things  
ac/dc  if you want blood (you've got it) 


this mix is for ayn because i'm pretty sure she's the only person would appreciate the true weirdness of this mix. 'cause it's real weird.

this is my first mix since the great computer crash of '05 and, seeing as it took me a month to finish (seriously, a freakin' month), it just proves that i should probably stick to themes.

i won't lie to you when say that i'm unnaturally obsessed with that ac/dc song and will probably use it three or four different times on upcoming mixes.

title comes from the boy least likely to song.

edit: i changed track three from the sugarcube's "birthday" to the cure and track four from "cuttooth" to "i might be wrong." i actually had that originally and it sounds better.


French Connection
Date: 12/11/2005
10-12 flows great, liking it all cept for Radiohead.
Concrete Kitty
Date: 1/13/2006
You are right... I do love and appreciate the art of your mixes... They are very good.
Im cooking up another mix for you... P.S. I liked the ac/dc song too.
scottish i guess
Date: 2/12/2006
the thermals are one of my favourite new discoveries. all thanks to this site and mixes like this.