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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ


Artist Song
The Beatles  Because  
K-OS  Superstar Part Zero 
Nancy Sinatra  ''Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'' 
Yngwie J. Malmsteen  Evil Eye 
Metallica  The Unforgiven  
Lo-Fi Scorpio  A Dramatizaton 
Modest Mouse  A Different City  
Edward & Alex Van Halen  Respect The Wind 
Joy Division  The Eternal  
Zamfir [Kill Bill Vol.1]  The Lonely Shepherd 
Radiohead  Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders) 
Thursday  The Dream 
The Rolling Stones  Play With Fire  
Joe Satriani  Always With You Always With Me 
The Pillows [Furi Kuri OST1]   Beautiful Morning With You 
Happy Hour  This Now  
Joe Satriani  Midnight  
My Bloody Valentine  Lose My Breath  


This is a very difficult mix to piece together. Almost requires you to live in michigan, what with the Happy Hour reference and all. Quite a downer, though. Don't do anything rash while listening.