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Artist Song
imogen heap  hide and seak 
belle & sebastian  if she wants me 
ben folds  the luckiest  
bright eyes  arienette  
death cab for cutie  405  
saves the day  take our cars now!  
anberlin  the feel good drag  
pinback  blood's on fire 
modest mouse  trailer trash  
ben harper  walk away  
static-x  dirthouse  
pinback  boo  
james blunt  you're beautiful  
iron & wine`  naked as we came 
the early november  all we ever needed  
death cab for cutie  marching bands of manhattan  
coldplay  green eyes  
u2  original of the species  


hello fizzy! you're kind of neat, but only a little bit.


Date: 12/13/2005
love every song on this mix. enough said.
Date: 1/18/2006
i am exactly who i want to be. i am a teenager with dreams of going to the west coast and doing something in the music industry