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what's that now?

Artist Song
south  colors in waves 
the delgados  coming in from the cold  
frank black  punk rock city  
cinerama  your charms  
the brian jonestown massacare  let me stand next to your flower 
tender trap  oh katrina  
modest mouse  sleepwalkin'  
billy bragg and wilco  at my window sad and lonely 
galaxie 500  fourth of july  
the decemberists  song to myla goldberg 
monade  vol de jur 
sunny day real estate  the rising tide  
the fairline parkway  street 
belulah  my horoscope said it would be a bad year 


made for my roomate who's favorite hobby is to ask "what's that now?" whenever something sparks his interest on my playlist.


jaime b
Date: 12/17/2005
nice :) i love the title!!
Date: 12/17/2005
Excellent mix, love 2,7,9 and 14 in particular.
Love the Fairline Parkway song.