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A Remus Lupin Introspective

Artist Song
Bella Morte  The Stranger  
Nick Drake  Pink moon  
E Nomine  Wolfen ( Das Tier In Mir) 
The Smiths  Unloveable  
The Whitlams  You sound like Louis Burdett  
Poe  Terrible thought  
Concrete Blonde  Walking in London  
Camera Obscura  I don't do crowds  
Ed Harcourt  Whistle of a distant train  
Death Cab for Cutie  Soul meets body  
Ed Harcourt  God protect your soul  
The Meteors  Night of the werewolf  
The Notwist  One step inside doesn't mean you understand  
Coldplay  A rush of blood to the head 
Rufus Wainwright  In a graveyard  
Indigo Girls  Ghost  
Neil Finn & Friends  There is a light that never goes out 
Sigur Ros  Svefn-g-englar 
The Waterboys  The whole of the moon  
Danzig  Kiss the skull 
Danzig  Snakes of christ  
David Bowie  Survive  
Nickle Creek  Darkest hour 


A soundtrack for Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter Universe, from his first bite to post war angst, without using the obvious Werewolves Of London. :P I tried to stay as close to canon as I could, But the slash lover in me kept popping up with the occasional Remus/Sirius songs. Couldn't help myself, fanfic has eaten my soul.

Track notes galore:

1) First bite, dealing with his new werewolf self. Basic werewolf song.
2) Hogwarts, romping through the grounds with Padfoot at his side.
3) Shrieking Shack, transformations.
4) Coming to terms with the fact that he'll never quite fit in with everyone else.
5) "My friends are fuck ups but they're fun to have around" Marauder Mischief.
6) Dealing with the night of Lilly and James' deaths, realizing his best friend is a murdering traitor.
7) Long nights alone .
8) Remus never seemed like the sociable type :P
9) Heading back to Hogwarts on the train.
10) Snape starts to let his condition slip out to the students, Remus deals.
11) On the bridge with Harry, speaking whistfully of Lilly, wanting to protect Harry.
12) Remus transforms infront of the trio, and their professor has a bad night indeed.
13) Remus quits teaching DADA, thinking of what everyone will think of his "condition"
14) Remus' first night in Grimmauld place, dealing with his anger and grief over Sirius' death
15) Sirius' funeral, Remus confronts his own mortality.
16) My bit of Remus/Sirius shipper comming through. Dealing with the loss of someone he loved deeply.
17) Tonk's point of view, triyng her hardest to convice Remus to love again, through her.
18) Remus finds comfort in Tonks.
19) Remus realizes he really does love Tonks.
20) Death Eater anthem.
21) War with voldermort.
22) Remus deals with the war's aftermath, after loosing everything that was dear to him.
23) The ones we love are never really gone, no matter how alone you think you are.

*End of extreme fangirlish moment*


Date: 12/22/2005
Date: 12/24/2005