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Reckless Driving

Artist Song
George Carlin  Wurds 
Reel Big Fish  Take On Me  
Cream  Sunshine Of Your Love  
Billy Joel  We Didn't Start The Fire  
The Who  Baba O Riley 
CKY  Beastman Vs Skelator 
Mindless Self Indulgence  Bitches  
Flogging Molly  Devils Dance Floor 
Derek and The Dominos  Layla 
Tenacious D  Tribute  
Led Zeppelin  Trampled Underfoot 
Rancid  Ruby Soho  
Tom Petty  Runnin Down a Dream 
Tenacious D  Fuck Her Gently  
The Police  Message In a Bottle  
Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody  
Tenacious D  Double Team  


I made this for a good friend of mine after we were pulled over for reckless driving one night, hence the title. The story goes like this, as Ben and I pulled out of the gas station Bohemian Rhapsody comes on the radio so we blast the radio and start singing at the top of our lungs. In a rock filled rage of excitement Ben proceeds to speed out of Sheetz, fishtails, and fly down Pennsylvania Avenue. Very soon after, like about half a minute later, we notice lights flashing and at first thought they belonged to an ambulance. Ben switches lanes and the lights follow us and proceed to do so as Ben swerves from one lane to another. That's when I look in the mirror and see that we're in a high speed chase with a COP! Ben pulls over, the cop gives us the third degree, are you guys drunk, are you high, etc. After he left we had a pretty good laugh about it, we refused to take blame for any of the events that unfolded instead we blamed Freddie Mercury and Queen, DAMN YOU MERCURY!!! This cd has a handful of tracks just for laughs; CKY, Carlin, and Ben is a huge D fan so I couldnt leave them off. My personal favortie is We didn't start the fire, I thought "Hey! Billy Joel crashed into a house once, why not?" Was that too soon?
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Nic Diamond
Date: 12/22/2005
This looks like it would be fun to listen to while driving recklessly...kudos!