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I can't get away from you...

Artist Song
Aqualung  Brighter Than Sunshine 
Incubus  Echo 
Jack Johnson  Better Together 
Minus the Bear  The Pig War 
Lit  Happy in the Meantime 
The Spill Canvas  The Night Will Go As Follows 
Copeland  Pin Your Wings 
Bush  Inflatable 
The Starting Line  A Goodnight's Sleep 
Breaking Benjamin  Forget It 
Wheat  Don't I Hold You 
Oasis  Don't Go Away (live acoustic) 
Snow Patrol  Grazed Knees 
Something Corporate  Miss America 
The Spill Canvas  Teleport: A&B 
Spitalfield  In the Same Lifetime 
Tahiti 80  Better Days Will Come 
The Revolution Smile  I Wish I 
Third Eye Blind  Can't Get Away 


A story of how I met a girl; we hit it off quite well. Outside things starting pulling us apart, but our feelings still continued to run in and out of our lives. The Tahiti 80 song represents that I'll be happy in the future, after it's all done (without her)... but Can't Get Away is the fact that I still can't shake those feelings right now...