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CD | Theme - Narrative

The Girl Who Smokes Too Much

Artist Song
Tom Petty  American Girl 
David Bowie  Rebel Rebel  
Liz Phair  Fuck and Run  
Pixies  Hey  
Bob Dylan  Lay, Lady, Lay  
Morissey  I Like You 
Tom Petty  You Wreck Me  
Ryan Adams  Come Pick Me Up  
Liz Phair  Flower  
Depeche Mode  Freelove  
Bright Eyes  The Calander Hung Itself 
Ryan Adams  Wonderwall  
The Cars  I'm Not The One  
Van Morisson  Moondance 
The Cure  Strange Attraction  


I love women, they really truly are the the inspiration to the greatest pieces of art, music, film, etc. But god damn! I've seen a lot of mixes on here about breakups and people being miserable,I'm happy to say that this has no bitter feelings what so ever. This is a story from the eyes of a girl with a very unique view of the world and everything else, it's refrshing really and endearing, or I may just be sick in the head but hey I like spice in my life! I like to listen to this and smile, cause well the girl does that to me...despite the occasional headache. So my friend, I guess this is my way of telling you I like having you around ;)
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Date: 12/28/2005
fuck and run and flower, you're a romantic.
Date: 12/29/2005
not too shabby, though i think two liz phair cuts on one mix is slightly overdoing it.
Date: 12/30/2005
I like.