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John, Paul, George & Ringo II

Side A
Artist Song
Paul  Another Day 
John  Crippled Inside 
George  Beware of Darkness (demo) 
Ringo  Oh My My 
Paul  Too Many People 
Paul  Heart of the Country 
John  Oh Yoko! 
Paul  Hi, Hi, Hi 
John  Mind Games 
Paul  Big Red Barn 
Ringo  I'm the Greatest 
Paul  The Mess 
Side B
George  Crackerbox Palace 
Paul  Bluebird 
John  Bless You 
Ringo  You're Sixteen 
MaPaul  Magneto and Titanium Man 
John  You Can't Catch Me 
Paul  Warm and Beautiful 
Ringo  Goodnight Vienna 
Paul  I've Had Enough 
George  All Those Years Ago 
John  Watching the Wheels 
Paul  That Day is Done 
Paul  Junk (unplugged) 


I like to start the year with something Beatle-ish. Volume I of this was such a hit at my house that a sequel seemed in order, and the results were eye-opening, to wit: That Paul has been unfairly slagged for his entire solo career, with dozens of memorable LP tracks beyond the hits, plus b-sides, well into the '80s. That most of George's '70s output is all but unlistenable, and John's mid-'70s ain't far behind. That the 'Ringo' LP is nearly inexhaustible. That my vinyl copy of 'All Thing Must Pass' has a misprint and excludes 'Beware of Darkness' - I'd never noticed! - hence the demo version here. That John's relentless heart-on-sleevery does get wearying. That Ringo had a few other good ones after all. And that Paul, despite his current money grubbing and frantic mania to remain relevant, has against odds emerged as my favorite Beatle. For now. Happy mixing in the new year!


lo-fi jr.
Date: 1/3/2006
My current thoughts on the fabs' solo output exactly. Another interesting mix of what could've been or maybe it does it exist in some parallel universe where the Beatles never split.