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Other Mixes By Zelis


Artist Song
ChRoN0uNc3  Celestial Dream 
Bounc3  Bleeding Heart 
Bounc3  Lunatic Original Mix 
Bounc3  Sing a Song 
Bounc3  Paradise on E 
Dimrain47  A question of Fate... 
Dimrain47  Frozen in Black and Silver 
Dreamscaper  Bastion of Dreams 
Dreamscaper  Dark Charisma 
Dreamscaper  Final Breath 
Revuen  Young at Heart 
Revuen  Fade Away 
ZooL152004  covered by the picture frame 


HI, this is my first mix and I'm new around here. Zelis is the name, and I'm really into techno. Though I would really like feedback plz??? I would like to know how you guys do things around here. If you would like to hear these songs yourself, they can all be found at newgrounds.com, which, although I never really liked the site in general myself, they have a damn good selection of techno and trance.


Date: 1/9/2006
Welcome to the site and keep the mixes coming!