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Bands I Saw Live in 2005

Side A
Artist Song
Michael Tolcher  Mission Responsible (Free - Dasani Fest) 
Better Than Ezra  A Lifetime (Free - Dasani Fest) 
Stroke 9  Vacuum Bag (Free - AmeriStar Casino) 
Cowboy Mouth  Everybody Loves Jill (Free - Rib America Fest) 
Big Head Todd and the Monsters  It's Alright (Free - Rib America Fest) 
Aloha  Summer Away (Creepy Crawl) 
the Oranges Band  Ride the Nuclear Wave (Creepy Crawl) 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Timorous Me (Creepy Crawl) 
Butch Walker (met)  Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)(UMB Pavillion) 
Silvertide  Blue Jeans (UMB) 
the Exies  Ugly (UMB) 
Sum 41  Fat Lip (UMB) 
Motley Crue  Home Sweet Home (UMB) 
Collective Soul  Precious Declaration (Free - Live on the Levee) 
Mutlu (Met)  Kiss (Prince Cover) (Blueberry Hill) 
Amos Lee (met)  Colors (f/Norah Jones)(Blueberry Hill) 
Side B


Another in a list of these that I have on here more as a snapshot than for anyone else to enjoy. I don't have Soof-yan or Deathcab for Cutie or any of the other snooty "it" bands on here so I don't expect any of you to like it...I had a good time at all of the shows and that's what I care about.


Mike Eternity
Date: 1/8/2006
They're not snooty, they're good musicians. How dare you. I wish I'd gone to a Ted Leo concert...not so much Exiest, Collective Soul, or Sum 41, but Oranges Band for sure, and maybe Big Head Todd. Interesting set of tours your visited
Date: 1/8/2006
I meant the people..I have no idea about the bands since I don't really like them but it seems like every mix on here has to have one of those or other "in" elitists favorite artists on it ...really makes me (and a few of the others who used to post on here that I talk to ) stop posting mixes. As far as the Exies and Sum 41 go...I didn't want to see them either, they opened for Motley Crue.
Mr. Mirage
Date: 1/9/2006
The question is: did they play any of the songs listed here? I wish I had done as my eldest child, who began years ago to ask the roadies for the play list that only gets thrown away at the end of the set, so she could put together a mix disc of the show she'd seen live.
Date: 1/9/2006
Great idea for a mix.