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CD | Pop
CD | Pop

This Year Has Two Hours and Forty Minutes - Disc 1

Artist Song
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Shuffle Your Feet  
Iron and Wine and Calexico  He Lays in the Reins 
The Deadly Snakes  200 Nautical Miles  
Devendra Banhart  Long Haired Child  
The Constantines  Soon Enough 
Devin Davis  Sandie  
Death Cab for Cutie  I Will Follow You into the Dark  
Bright Eyes  First Day of My Life  
The Clientele  Since K Got Over Me  
The American Analog Set  Cool Kids Keep  
Doves  Snowden  
The Most Serene Republic  The Protagonist Suddenly Realises What He Must Do in the Middle of Downtown Traffic 
The Ladies and Gentlemen  Small Sins / Big Within 
Rogue Wave  Catform  
My Morning Jacket  It Beats 4 U 
The Pernice Brothers  There Goes the Sun 
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  Details of the War  
The National  Lit Up  
The Oranges Band  Atmosphere  
The Magic Numbers  Forever Lost  
Wolf Parade  I'll Believe in Anything  
Metric  Police and the Private  


Part one of my best of 2005 mix.