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Artist Song
Tangiers  Red Stone Rock 
Ben Kweller  Walk On Me  
Spoon  All The Pretty Girls Go To The City  
The Velvet Underground  What Goes On  
Franz Ferdinand  Cheating On You  
The New Pornographers  The Mary Martin Show  
Dealership  World  
Piebald  Havent Tried It 
Green Day  I Was There  
The Clash  Complete Control  
Elliott Smith  Alameda  
The Shins  Girl On The Wing  
Of Montreal  Lysergic Bliss  
The Strokes  15 Minutes  
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists  The Crane Takes Flight 


On paper it doesent seem like this mix works, but it does and really well. Just go home and try it.

A. J.


saving amy
Date: 1/9/2006
mmmm i think it would.. tracks 2-5 and then 11-14.. yeah. i think it would work real well. who needs monotony ;)
Mike Eternity
Date: 1/10/2006
This mix deserves an A+ just for its cuts by Of Montreal, The Clash, and Green Day (their first great song, never thought I'd see it on a mix here, especially in the aftermath of "American Idiot"). Not that the rest isn't cool, too (like New Pornographers, although that isn't one of their better songs, imho). But seeing those 3 on here was a surprising treat
Good stuff.