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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

the best of most worlds (original)

Side A
Artist Song
milton nascimento  qualquer coisa a haver com o paraiso 
varttina  tumala 
david byrne  the last emperor main title theme 
babatunde olatunji & drums of passion  why you run away (kiyakiya) 
vladimir ivanoff & tranceformation  dancing to the bagpipe 
the mahotella queens  mkhulu lomkhosi (the big celebration) 
los lobos  el gusto 
baka beyond  spirit of the forest 
djur djura  ad cethent tulas (the young girls are going to dance) 
inti-illimani  angelo 
tau ea linare  he o oe oe 
Side B
mouth music  crathadh 't 'aodaich & zbadba 
robin carrs  sofia sound machine 
milton nascimento  coisas de minas 
tarika  ankoay 
djur djura  felli d ttlam (for me, it's night) 
ketama/diabate/thompson  vente pa madrid 
dumisani maraire  buka njari 
3 mustaphas 3  ticitron 
jorge de altinho  ne mentira nao 
milton nascimento  estrelada 


came across my original plan for a mix circa 1994(?), when my interest in world music was finally finding a voice and a collection was being started - i don't recall where half the songs are from, but imagine they're all still in my collection _somewhere_


Date: 3/3/2001
Good stuff! Varttina is great, and although I haven't heard too much by 3 Mustphas 3, what I have heard is terrific!
guess it's me
Date: 4/29/2001
i hope to trade with you in my next life......!