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Sweep, Sweep! The Winter Olympics Mix

Artist Song
John Williams  Olympic Fanfare 
dEUS  Opening Night 
Isolation Years  Light The Torch  
Phantom Planet  Anthem  
The Impressions  We're A Winner  
Bright Eyes  Going For The Gold  
Second Best 
The Rolling Stones  You Got The Silver  
The Beatles  I'm A Loser  
Idlewild  The Bronze Medal  
Jean-Louis Murat  Petite Luge 
Wigans Ovation  Skiing In The Snow 
George Winston  Skating  
Bloc Party  Skeleton 
The Cardigans  Closing Time 


A mix for an olympic-obsessed friend. I won't be sending to her for a while yet, so any suggestions would be great!

I cannot figure out who sings the song "Second Best". It is sung by a woman and goes: "You ask me if I could change, Why would I do that not knowing what you want from me? You tell me I am so strange, That's just not my fault when you're the one who's still with me." Please help if you can...


Date: 1/14/2006
Nice mix. Can't help you with the Second Best track tho, sorry.
Date: 1/15/2006
Oh, what a great theme! I should make a copy of this for my similarly olympics-obsessed friend.