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Artist Song
saint etienne  slow down at the castle  
fishbone  date rape  
white stripes  my doorbell 
pizzicato five  the night is still young 
velvet revolver  slither  
pavement  father to a sister of thought  
bad brains  sacred love  
built to spill  big dipper  
ben folds five  wheres summer b? 
archers of loaf  you and me  
craig wedren  born curious  
julianna hatfield  digital penetration 
weezer   say it aint so 
orange 9mm  alien 
uncle tupelo  chickamauga  
old 97s  the new kid 
whale  losing ctrl  
disturbed  devour  
madness  prospects 
david newman (serenity ost)  funeral/rebuilding serenity 


it's nice to be back.
its nice to have my computer decide i can make a mix today.

something to listen to as i drive to work while opie and anthony are on vacation. simmer to taste. enjoy.