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Come to me in my sweet delirium disc 2

Artist Song
The Deathray Davies  Behave you silly freaks  
Queens of the Stoneage  Everybody knows that you're insane 
The Samples  Madmen  
Pantera  Immortally insane 
Sebadoh  License to confuse  
Sci-fi Lovestory  Gone  
The Slacktone  Mysterioso 
Cypress Hill  Insane in the membrane 
Soul Coughing  Circles  
Steadman  Wave goodbye  
Stone Temple Pilots  Bi-polar bear  
The Beatles  Help!  
The Coral  Cripples crown  
The Magic Numbers  Forever lost  
Devo  Too much paranoia's 
The Von Bondies  Crawl through the darkness  
The Zutons  Confusion  
A.C. Newman  Mircle drug 
Truly  So strange 
The Doors  People are strange  
Frou Frou  Let go  
Yello  The evening's young