by Walker
Produced from CDs and tapes in June/July 1998, representing (mostly) folk music I like to sing along with. The one extraordinarily out-of-place group (as consistently pointed out by my dear Shana) is 7 …
Well ear ya go! We gots yur trucks, drankin', cheatin', mamas, and "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". Wut else iz ther in lif??? I akx ya??
This is a weird-ass tape. It's not all country, but it's too country for the "rock" section. It is cosmic, however. The quality is TERRIBLE right now, (my cd player was screwing up, ) but if you want a …
This is a tape of artists I made for a friend who wondered what sort of music I liked. If you like folk music, check out John Gorka. He quickly became my favorite artist. I included a few of his songs  …
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