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My most popular mix in my car. Sucks if you can't dig the jazz or the oldies mang. VG Strong, minor surface noise, doesn't overwhelm music. and on a side note, the average length of a song on the 2nd s …
Did you carry a boom box? Were you the "Radio Raheem" of your neighborhood? check out the show featuring the music of Hip hop back in the early 80's. Edited by DJ Trav Gales of TheCrateDigger.com
have a holly holis christmas
When she meet me on the street I can't hardly breathe, and after she leave I got a knockin' in my knees oh yeah downekingdom.blogspot.com
My best friend Adam sent me a text message a few days ago that just said, "Could you make me a funk mix?" He didn't really have any reason to think I would be particularly good at making a funk mix, bu …
My last northern soul mix for awhile. Or at least until after my annual trip to the CHiRP Record Fair in Chicago this weekend.
I'm officially obsessed with soul music. Lately, I've been making record store trips about twice a week, digging through the bins in hopes of spending a chunk of my paycheck on some danceable gems. In  …
More Northern Soul, dug out of the record bins of the Windy City.
An eclectic collection of motown, soul, and classic r&b tunes
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