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My second ode to '80s funk...makes me wanna dance! As a graphic artist, I also get into doing custom graphics and packaging for each of my mix tapes. I'd be interested in trading with you... whatcha go …
I LOVE the FUNK dance music from this early/mid 80s era. I've since made two more such compilations. I'd love to hear from others who like this stuff and might want to trade for tapes they've made
My cousin and I were wanting to inquire about getting a mixed cd of all our favorite late 70's and 80's r&b hits. I was trying to find someone who could put it together for me if I submitted my song r …
by Tim G.
You can argue if you want about the inclusion of Boz Scaggs, but just remember he won the the Grammy that year for best R&B recording...
by Candra
Hot fun in the summer time. I'm listening to Morcheeba now. I'm going to sleep, soon.
by Carter
This is one of the first CD's that I burned and I think that it's still the best one. The purpose was really to create a compilation of singles that had been lying around and because they were on singl …