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Get your groove thing working with this 90 minute funkadelic experience. Platform shoes, afros, and "baggies" are the dress code. This mix was made especially for the "Pez Boy" of Baltimore. Get down w …
A brief 60 minute comp of some of Motown's most favorite tunes.
Made to celebrate "Black History Month".
They say Shaft & Superfly are bad Muthaa, shut your mouth.. Here is a compilation of all 70's soul revue. There are dj clips mixed in complements of Albert Brooks, Robert Klein, and George Carlin. RIGH …
Here is a sixty minute romp into jazz, soul, and sleasy cheese.
This is a short run of Barry Gordy's Motown favorites.
October 19, 1998...i made this tape for my friend Christian...most of it is taken from either this funk compilation i have or the soundtrack to Dead Presidents...but it's the order i put it in that cou …
Ernie K. Dee promises to teach his lover a lesson in Love-ology, where this tape gets it's name, though there is no real theme here. The main idea was to get some of my favorite r&b classics mixed in w …
Tape one of two of Classic soul songs from the sixties. One of my favorite tapes. These songs never go out of style. This is in the era when Motown Records started. Eat it with a spoon!