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These songs have been in heavy rotation for a long time. They are all I currently listen to. There's not really a common thread between all of them.
Tasty soul and funk joints for my pal, James.
We all own the 4 Dave Godin's deep soul treasure and now I (and then mike the Pike will do the same) A CD will 25 songs that wasn't included on his serie but are still great Deep soul
A mix put together after the recent death of Isaac Hayes that starts with that great first song from the Hot Buttered Soul album. This of course is the full length jam of the Burt Bach*rach song that D …
The inspiration for this collection of motown for these years is the complete singles compilation book sets of recent vintage. Unfortunately all of the songs are only available from this source as mono …
Don't mention there's no songs, it's better than all those false mixtapes representing nothing on this website!
Brother Funky says: Well, we were lucky enough to make it to the Gutbucket family reunion earlier this summer, and it sure was a hoot. Not only was the Stag and Griesedieck flowin' aplenty, but we als …
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