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Theme - Break Up

by Candra
I made this CD on the morning my ex and I broke up for good. All of the songs are love songs. Most are not break up songs upon first glance. I chose these songs because they all have romantic sentiment …
This isn't quite a break up tape as much as an "oo
Get the picture? Listening to this tape gives me a
If you're reading this, it's probably because you're either bored or you like this collage of songs. (Hopefully the latter) Let me know what you think by e-mailing me. Maybe we can swap tapes. Watch fo …
I didn't realize until I finished this mix that it could be conceived as a break-up mix. Most of the tunes are up beat though. I patched-in some live drag racing from Pomona that was taped years ago to …
by Myriad
I made this tape several years ago after I had my heart broken, and I was going through the angry stage. There is a progression to the songs, and some are angrier than others. It also makes a fabulous  …
I made this tape after my girlfriend of 2 years and I broke up. I kept it in my car and listened to it whenever I drove anywhere. I also sent a copy to her, and she also listens to it.
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