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Theme - Break Up

by Sigint
Anyway, the actual event itself is unimportant. The attitude that it left me with is. I'm a different person than what I was when I started, and I'm constantly changing regardless of what others see, o …
i trusted you simply because you said i could.
by chicky
This is an old, old mix, created January 2006. I was mooning over my ex, and this mix pretty much reeks of it.
A fragile relationship built on a crumbling foundation finally falls apart. A hopefully dark and haunting collections of songs to soundtrack the obsession, the arguments, the quiet defeat, the fatigue, …
This mix is about a boy who dumped me on my birthday. It is a transitional mix, so we can go one day from lovers to friends. It is like a teddy bear, when a child realized that it is not an extension,  …
this is how i feel right now. my best friend has just decided she doesn't want to be with me anymore, and i don't know what to do. as the first track states, "i'm out of my element...i can't breathe."
This started as a playlist I made on Brent's computer in January of 2007. I was leaving Omaha, and thought I should make Bridget a mixtape as a sort of parting shot. Looking back, it's one of my favori …
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