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Theme - Cover Songs

by Lang1
Instrumental versions of popular song by various jazz giants. A little muzaky a times (just a little), but Charles Earland's version of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" makes this tape wort …
by Lang1
There is a pattern here. Try to figure it out. All the originals are by ___ people. All the covers are by ___ people. Here's a hint: the covers have soul.
mixed for fellow AOTMer stephen. it's a tape of punk/ska/indie bands doing covers of "classic" songs.
Here's another installment for the continuous covers challenge. Unfortunately, I don't own all the songs necessary to actually compile this, but wouldn't it be cool? It's an extra-long cassette (120 mi …
Once again, the continuing saga of "Based on a True Story" - this time with such oddities as a zydeco version of Low Rider, Hawaii Five-O in super slow motion, and the soon to be classic lounge/swing v …
some of my fave covers. the original artist is in parentheses(duh).i couldnt fit all my fave covers so look out fer volume 2 baby. eat my muffin.
3rd in a series of covers... This particular mix has a lot of strange covers... Hear what Stevie Wonder would sound like if he played gypsy jazz. How about a surf version of Crazy Train? And Safety Dan …
a covers mix for fellow aotmer georgy. he wanted oh the guilt by nirvana and the rest industrial covers. well i gave him the nirvana song and a lot of industrial covers but there are also covers by non …
by Candra
I've wanted to make a cover mix for some time. The title's a bit of a misnomer because the artists I chose didn't just rehash the songs they covered, but added something unique to them, which I think i …