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Theme - Depression

Some great songs on here for when you love feeling depressed...totally enhances the melancholy state of hopelessness!
by lily1
For those days when you miss that special someone.
I made this tape a few years ago before moving overseas to the other side of the globe. Looking at it again, it would make a great break-up tape too.
this tape is quite morbid and a little scary - not because of the subject matter, but because i used a combination of mainly goth and emo. i can just see a new genre now: skinny, pale boys and girls wh …
Once upon a time I got my heart broken. The guy and I lost touch over the years, but last year just before my birthday we talked for the first time in 5 years. When I saw him shortly after Xmas, he gav …
Mix I made for a fellow AOTM Sistermoon (I think I got her name righT!)This quite possibly is the best goth mix I have ever made!
by Kehler
Also is good for driving around late at night with the city lights going by.
by mens
a 1994 sons of suburbia mix . . . "it seems the whole world dies/ whenever a teenager cries" . . . wallow in 100 minutes of suburban style