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Theme - Depression

I'm not the kind of person that excepts hopelessness.I like to figure things out.Most of these songs are hopeless and sad and that is why they made it on this c.d..I always feel better after listening  …
i made it on a lonely Saturday night.
by bikes
could not separate the hemispheres held to-gether by atmospheric pressure. What convincing proof, for the skeptics of this period, of the existence of pressure due to the atmosphere! The historic signi …
I think of this as sombre rather than depressing, but 'Depression' was the best-fitting category.
by doowad
I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another one of these for a while, but Steve has been back in the hospital twice in the past two weeks, once for a double-infection and now for a bad reaction to his …
I will see you again someday... But until then you'll be very missed and always, always remembered in my heart. May you rest in peace. In memory of my brother who was the coolest kid I've ever had the  …
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