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well... i had to put ally kerr on here. i love how he sais the word "born" in this song, it sounds like barn! it's so cute. this cd has more of a soft pop feel to it i think. maybe it's just that true  …
this cd is for moe and cloud9. more indie pop, over half is female singers too :)
from now on, i'm calling all of my mix cds "microsound".. i dont know what it means, but that sounds like a nice style to me. anyway this cd is for ion. i dont think there's any duplicates of songs fro …
this is a mix of the bands i fell completely in love with their full-lengths in 2004. the mock turtles and the housemartins were two bands i remembered i liked and started liking them again. it was a g …
For this girl at work who gave me all her old Sims expansion packs because she got Sims too. Now I have the complete Sims 1 package! So yes, a tape is in order. I even made this cool cover of like some …
by soil
Gimme a gimmick to get me some attention etc, for Livvie
i love sean. if he were a bot, he'd be hot.
This is for Helen because we've decided to become mid 90s riot grrl style penpals and send each other mail with glitter in it. I just realised while typing this I shoulda made a totally riot grrl theme …
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