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Dance - Techno

by Zelis
HI, this is my first mix and I'm new around here. Zelis is the name, and I'm really into techno. Though I would really like feedback plz??? I would like to know how you guys do things around here. If y …
All of the singers are female and all of the music is particularly calm Trip-Hop.
My first techno mix that I made over a year ago.It's an energetic mix to keep you going. The Basement Jaxx might seem a little out of place, but I just like to break things up with a a bit of a differe …
This was a mix I made one of my friends for his burfday. The title comes from The Orb's song on here. Sounds best if tracks fade in and out on each other, but normal is fine, too.
A random assortment, made for the Lounge Rats. Track 10 is the obligatory "Oh my God, I need a drink" song.
All these records was just 1 special order I got in....hope you enjoy it........cheers
by DJ A
The 80's are like, back. Totally! Nineteen remixes and remakes of classic 80's pop tunes, each sporting a new-millenium dancefloor makeover. You won't believe how easily you'll remember every word to s …
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