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Dance - Techno

And again. The trees are whispering.
The search for the eternal groove wanders into some whacked shit. Big beats and pulsing synths abound. Smoothed it down towards the end.
Take that Livvie
Please don't give me credit for this one. It was ITunes and I thought it was sooo cool that it needed to be on here. So If you want to give someone credit go to ITunes and go find this IMix and then ra …
hehe...this is a 71min cd-r compilation of great techno tracks of the past. It brings back memories and actually most of the tracks are excellent anyway - CJ Bolland,808 State,A Guy Called Gerald,Utah  …
Unmixed songs. Mostly 1990-94 intelligent techno/IDM. also available on C60
Hard, dark, and set to blow your mind. Awesome basslines and tight vocals will get you shakin' it, no question. Enjoy! NOTE: If you'd like to have this mix, please send me an e-mail and I'll arrange so …
"I heard a techno song one time that went like, doom doom doom doom..." - yeah, of a lot of kinds of techno, this description is certainly true. Although I really don't enjoy some aspects of techno, wh …
A mix requested by a friend. He wanted something new to listen to on his headphones at work to drown out the chatter his coworkers create. And he wanted something without vocals, otherwise he'd be too  …
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