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Electronic - Ambient

Not alot of thought in this one. Just a mix I tossed together for someone special.
Songs that just sound better with the night air blowing in your face. Email me if you want the tracks at all. =)
Acknowledgements and r-e-s-p-e-c-t to: sammyg123 (S123), Dead Man, doowad, Funky Ratchet, Jenergy, tornadoZ, Mr. Mirage, moe, blasikin, buglady, hemizen, Mixxer, Frenchy, Petrocks, G-Sphere, RobC, anth …
66:43 Metamorphic interpolation coupled with logarithmic cross-fades. Variants on compositions leveraged via Audacity. This is number 4 in a series (proJJeXx) of mixes in which I take an existing ambie …
by Faline
Mix inspired by Lay, Lady, Lay and a conversation I had with Tom. We were trying to decide what he could call me - his significant other, girl, sweet cheeks? I told him his lady sounded nice... Most of …
A mix of new and well i guess you could call it old but, i don't.I do know i can dance to this type of music.Just a good time bunch of songs.
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