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"Hallelujah" is, to use a religious term, no revelation. The close of the 20th century was a bad time for TV preachers. One moment, men like the PTL Club's Jim Bakker and television's Jimmy Swaggart se …
I am currently living a study year abroad in Norway. This is the story of how I wrecklessly and irresponsibly ruined my relationships with nearly everyone, got on the airplane without shedding a tear,  …
by fritz1
this is my first mix about my new home in germany. "mannem" is dialect for mannheim. i gave this to my german fr!!nd. a few quick notes: track seven is a commercial from the early 70s. six is from the  …
The final plague city mix.
Chapter three in my fanciful space tale. The first half of the mix is dreamy, the last part sort of jarring and heavy.
Jeff vs. Julee (dreams colliding)
So, I'm a nerd. An X-Files nerd to be exact. To celebrate the new X-Files movie coming out this month I made a Mulder and Scully mix. Each song has lyrics that remind me of M&S in some way.
Hours later, he got bored with playing spider solitaire and browsing his mp3 folder. He left the computer running and fell on his bed. He noted how late he must have stayed up as he closed his eyes, ho …
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