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Theme - Narrative

This is a mix CD I'm giving to a friend. I'm really proud of how it flows. You can find all the songs on Spotify.
Round 7 of The Mixtape Concern dealt with the theme "Years". This mix features tracks that mention specific years either in the lyrics or title, presented chronologically.
My annual iPod cleanse featuring the 20 most-played (Track 20 being the most-played for the year) tracks on the previous 12 months.
Round 5 of The Mixtape Concern dealt with the theme "new". This mix features tracks that I either newly discovered or became newly prominent to my listening habits in the first two months of 2015.
Round 4 of The Mixtape Concern dealt with colurs. This mix features tracks that came from albums (and, yes, a couple compilations) with yellow covers.
The first assignment for my club The Mixtape Concern (which I somehow neglected to post). Each song represents a very specific moment or period in my 33 years of existence.
The theme for the third round of The Mixtape Concern was "same but different". My interpretation was to re-make "The White Album" by The Beatles with songs that correspond somehow to the original track …
It's funny how an iPod's shuffle feature picks just the right songs sometimes. It was a rainy Sunday morning and I was driving to an Ex's place to pick up stuff I had left there. I added the James Brow …
What's up people? Man, it HAS been a minute since I last not only posted but logged into this website. I haven't been posting on here lately because I haven't been making mixes much lately. I got into  …
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