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Theme - Road Trip

Well I am going on a road trip to my family reunion. My Aunt asked me to make a reuniun tour tape. To explain the Lynch maddness this is what I came up with. Side A is called, "The History: What made u …
I went on road trip with a bunch of my crew and tried not to make everyone mad
by Alana
This tape is great for popping into my car and turning up and singing along.
This mix was composed back in June '94. The Dr. Teeth song is on the Muppet Movie soundtrack, it's the song they sing while customizing Fozzie's uncle's Studebaker. Shockra is a defunct Boston funk/wor …
The cover has a picture of Money Mark looking like Leonard Cohen...
Its just a feel good kinda tape.
I made this after one of the many late night drives going back to school from home during my junior year of college. These songs are perfect for a late night drive. They're soothing, but they won't lul …
This mix was one of my first--I just started recently. So I have improved. But this isn't so bad...too much Smiths? U can never have too much Smiths!! :)