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This disc started out as a disc that everyone at the office could listen to ... then quickly launched into a buncha love songs, but I'm not sure if I accomplished either goal. I have NO IDEA what Phish …
It worked. All too well. This compilation c J.C.Bradshaw III
Originally, I only wanted songs that contained the word "velvet," but that was a wash-out. The tape is one of my favorites, though, and one of my great successes.
combination summer music/crush mix cd. i never actually gave it to the girl though. this was sort of the blueprint for my later "catch a falling star" crush mix cd.
a tape i made for my boyfriend. it's incredibly sappy and pathetic. . .but then again, so am i.
This was a mix tape given to all of our wedding guests of music played during our ceremony and reception.
by Weiss1
The trick to this mix is that when you make it, you take the titles of the track and make a sentence out of it. For example, 1. "Cecelia" is not the only one breaking hearts. 2. I try to make now the " …
This isnt the worlds greatest mix but the ladies like it any time of day anywhere. A collection of girls I know favorite songs.
a certain woman was on my mind, so I made this and sent it to her.