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this is one i made for me and my girlfreind for cuddleing
It all started with a dare... and somehow we ended up in bed. Three years later, the cycle began again but this time I was prepared. Besides, I had been promising her a tape for forever anyway. The Edd …
I Made this mix last night for my fiance who's going away for several days. It's pretty much all self explanitory. Except maybe for the Ben Folds. I think anything that he writes about are things I nev …
this would be something i listen to after floating into my house after the greatest date of my life. while listening, i would lay on my bed, sigh romantically, and think of what our kids would look lik …
Don't make me explain the title.
these are the most lovely and romantic song i have heard and felt! if i miss/love someone i listen to them!
I wish I could tell you the story behind this tape, but it's best left to the imagination.
This is a good tape to show someone special how you feel about them. It has a lot of songs that deal with those feelings.
This is a collection of easy listening R&B songs that I made some time ago. Quincy Jones & James Brown songs are instrumentals.